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What to Know About Calculating Maplewood Child Support

As a parent, you want to ensure that your kids will continue to enjoy a good life following your divorce. This partly means ensuring they get the necessary financial support from you and their other parents. Under state law, a child support order is included in any divorce that involves minor kids. Still, you may have concerns and questions about the impact of this order on you and your kids. To understand how courts calculate child support payments, you should click here. This can help relieve your concerns and stress. 

Calculating Child Support

Calculating child support payments in Maplewood, Wisconsin depends partly on the placement arrangement that the divorce resolution has determined. If a parent has primary placement, the other parent may need to pay child support according to their gross income and the number of minor children to give support to. For instance, the latter may need to pay 17% of their gross income for one minor child. If there are two children to support, 25 percent of this parent’s gross income goes to child support. 

But if both parents share placement, the calculation will consider the income of every parent and the time percentage that each of them has physical placement. This can imply that the parent who earns more than the other and has a lesser physical placement will pay child support to the other parent. However, the result can vary according to the details of the case. 

Deviations in Calculating Child Support

Sometimes, a judge may determine that the standard to calculate child support does not account for the needs of both children and parents. In this case, they may issue an order that does not follow the standard calculation. They may consider factors such as the best interests, childcare costs, educational and health needs, transportation costs as they travel from one parent to  another, health insurance premiums, as well as the financial resources of the parents. If one parent earns a significantly high income, special child support calculations can apply. This can also happen if primary p custody of different kids is awarded to different parents.  

Since calculations for child support payments in Maplewood depend on the particular details of a family’s situation, it’s best for parents to hire a lawyer who can give them personalized advice and guidance. The best attorney to work with can help a parent make sure their child support order has terms that protect them and their kids. 

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