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Catastrophic Injury: Why You May Deserve Compensation for It in Kentucky

An injury is considered catastrophic when it leads to adverse consequences. These consequences can be physical, and financial. Also, the injury can negatively affect your mental health. Catastrophic injury is common in motor vehicle crashes. They can also be suffered after a serious fall. This injury can leave you with debilitating pain. With this in mind, damages must be sought. 

If you are not familiar with the legal process, ensure you seek legal advice. A Kentucky lawyer will protect your rights. They will guide you as you navigate your legal options. They make sure your case is strong enough to stand a chance in court. They will investigate your accident to determine how it occurred. This investigation can help your attorney determine fault. 

You can become disabled after a severe injury. For instance, a spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis. Sadly, this can force you out of work. This can be temporary or permanent. You may not be able to enjoy leisurely activities again. In fact, you may end up being tied to a wheelchair, needing constant assistance. 

How it Can Compromise Your Quality of Life

A debilitating injury impacts all aspects of your life. It can diminish your quality of life through:

  • Increased financial burden. Treatment for a long-term injury can be quite costly. If a serious spinal cord injury leads to paralysis, it can incur millions of dollars in expenses.
  • Increased dependence on others. Debilitation is the worst aspect of a serious injury. You cannot perform basic tasks like bathing and cooking. Often, you may need a caregiver to assist you, limiting your independence. 
  • Lost income. An accidental injury can affect your ability to perform job duties. You might need to accept a job that does not pay as much as your previous position. The injury might prevent you from working again. 
  • Mental anguish. A serious injury also has a psychological aspect. Typically, you cannot engage in activities you used to enjoy. Such diminished quality of life can cause anxiety and depression. You may even be terrified to be in a car again or drive one. 
  • Pain. Pain is a given in any serious injury. It can dramatically affect your quality of life. It may be constant and hard to manage. It can limit your ability to engage in activities. Pain and suffering are recoverable damages in Kentucky. You can secure them when you sue the responsible party. 

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